Until after September, this page is dedicated to the Petition to Congress to make September Dystonia Awareness month which you can sign by clicking Sign the Petition at the bottom of the page. To the left you will find files helpful for you to share on social media and by printing or sharing the files.

Affecting over 500,000 people in North America, Dystonia sounds to most like a country. To those diagnosed, Dystonia is a painful and debilitating movement disorder that causes the brain to send improper signals to muscles–causing twisting and distortions of various muscles in the body. This can make simple tasks like walking, talking, eating/drinking, seeing and even breathing difficult to perform. Those diagnosed have to explain the disorder to their doctors, nurses, friends, family and strangers even though it is the 3rd most common movement disorder. Dystonia affects people of all ages and there currently is not a cure. Please take a minute, sign and finish by verifying your email! Please help so persons with Dystonia can live without having to explain themselves.

In the months to follow, this website will become a website for support and awareness of Dystonia throughout the year!

Please sign the petition and check back in late October for the all new 501c Dystonia Awareness & Support. 

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